Save the Date for the 2018 Freedom for Family Wellness Summit

The Purpose


Join us for our 3rd Summit, an unforgettable celebration of our individual and collective shifts to conscious choice. Seize the opportunity to connect with other leaders in the family wellness practice, to collaborate, expand and share our common missions. From our weekend of mind-expanding presentations, workshops and interactions, you will take home insightful and practical wisdom to transform your practice, your family and your life!

The People


The Freedom for Family Wellness Summit participants come from a variety of paths and practices to converge and cultivate their shared community. You can expect to meet:

  • Chiropractic Advocates: DCs, Students, CAs, Spouses, Families, Practice Members
  • Holistic Practitioners: NDs, MDs, DOs, PhDs, OBs, Nurses, Midwives, Doulas, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Family Wellness Counselors & Therapists
  • New-Edge Science Promoters: Visionaries, Authors, Teachers
  • Real/Whole Food Advocates: Activists, Leaders & Supporters of the Natural/Organic Lifestyle
  • Advocates for Informed Choice: Leaders of national groups & their members
  • Parents & Community Group Leaders who want to make a difference in their families & communities' lives 

The Conversation


The inherent intelligence within the body animates, motivates, heals, coordinates and inspires living beings, an idea that connects all of us. There is a greater vision of health that is out there for us to explore, appreciate and understand, free of internal and external pressure, relying on innate trust and consciousness. Share your experience with others in the movement and participate in the discussion of the latest evidence-based holistic research and the tools we need to guide us to overall family wellness. We will be exploring topics such as: Chiropractic philosophy & technique, better pregnancy and birth practices for parents and practitioners, the future of nutrition, informed choice & community activism and conscious parenting. 

The Celebration


Come join us on Saturday night for a Cocktail hour, an opportunity of processing, networking and connection. This time together will foster new relationships and create future collaborations and everyone is welcome! The cocktail hour will be followed by a reception and dancing.