Speakers Speakers 2018

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Ina May Gaskin

Dr. Jeanne Ohm, DC

Dr. Peter Kevorkian, DC

Dr. John Minardi, DC

Dr. Michael Hall, DC

Mr. William D. Esteb

Dr. Dean DePice and Dr. Jen DePice

Barbara Loe Fisher

Dr. Jay Warren

Preconception Stats – Strengthening Our Future with Dr. Marcia Schaefer

Food Psychology - Why Dieting Doesn't Work with Dr. Marcia Schaefer

Building Bridges: Creating Interprofessional Relationships with Dr. Ian Shtulman, DC, CACCP

Healer Heal Thyself: Interactive Individualized Strategies for Long-lasting Resilience with Dr. Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP

Is Humanity De-evolving? with Dr. Drew Rubin

Upskilling the Perinatal Chiropractor: Building on the Webster Foundation with Dr. John Edwards

How we failed our way to a successful Pathways Connect group with Dr. John Edwards and Dr. Alley Buschman

The Rest Cleanse: Good For You, Good For Your Clients with Karen Brody

The Sphenobasilar and its Effects on Pediatric Development with Dr. Martin Rosen

Better Brains From the Beginning with Dr. Linda Slak

HypnoBirthing®-A natural, instinctive approach to safer, easier, more comfortable birthing with Dr. Vivian Keeler, DC

Are We Born Broken? with Matt Rushford, Dr.

The Upper Cervical Spine in Pediatric Concussions with Dr. Jonathan Chung

Effective Vaccine Informed Consent Advocacy with Dr. Andrea Marconi, Director of Professional Relations National Vaccine Information Center & Theresa Wrangham, Executive Director National Vaccine Information Center

Communicating the Chiropractic Story to Millennials with Dr. Mary Lucus Flannery

What Drives You? with Dr. Dean and Dr. Jen DePice

The Universal Infant Exam: An essential tool for transitioning into a salutogenic practice with Dr. Sarah Hogan and Dr. James Thompson

The Language of Wellness: 4 Conversations to Build a Wellness Mindset with Dr. Heidi Skye