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Alison Hazelbaker, PhD

Posterior Tongue Tie: Fact or Fiction?

Dr. Hazelbaker uncovers the distinction between true Posterior Tongue-Tie and Faux Tie. Through the emerging literature on structurally related infant sucking issues and evidence-based research, you'll gain an understanding of which "Tie" needs surgery and which needs body work.

Amber Price, DNP, CNM 

Obstetric Violence

Recognize the physical or emotional trauma perpetuated against women in the birthplace. This workshop takes a hard look at ACOG's 2017 committee opinion on obstetric violence and the definition, prevalence, perceptions, causes and pathways to purposeful positive change toward respectful maternity care.

Andrea Marconi, DC, CACCP and Theresa Wrangham

Effective Health Care Informed Consent Advocacy

This workshop addresses how to effectively advocate to maintain one's right to make voluntary health decisions and medical risk-taking. Explore the health legislative history both past and present and learn best practices to effectively advocate, supported by what works to protect and expand voluntary health decisions and useful resources.

Anthony Carrino, DC

Risk Management in the Chiropractic Practice

Create a greater patient-centered model of shared decision making within your practice. This session helps you identify areas of risk within your practice procedures and attitudes. Dr. Carrino also covers concerns related to the risk for stroke to help you better understand the published literature and clinical implications.

Brittany Sharpe McCollum

An Easier Birth: Pelvic Dynamics and Fetal Positioning in Late Pregnancy and Labor

Brittany, certified childbirth educator and doula, explores pelvic biomechanics and physiology and reviews the four basic pelvic shapes plus the impact their variations have on fetal positions in late pregnancy and labor.

Cilla Whatcott, PhD

Real Immunity and Homeoprophylaxis

Homeoprophylaxis, also called HP, is a natural, non-toxic method for disease prevention. Learn how HP educates the immune system, supports healthy development, promotes robust long-term health outcomes and engenders a harmonious relationship between humans, bacteria, and viruses. You'll also catch excerpts from Dr. Whatcott's film, Real Immunity.

Jen DePice, DC and Dean DePice, DC

Chiropractors & Sustainability: The Family Wellness Practice

This workshop is for you if you're looking for the tools to create and sustain a thriving practice that's balanced with your family life. Exploring the 7 levels of the Associate Driven Practice, you'll learn an adaptable model to the different life cycles of a chiropractic practice and home life that can grow your sustainability, longevity and joy in practice.

Donald Epstein, DC

The Next Step in "Real" Health Care and Child Development

In this hands-on, practical workshop, broaden your model of healing that is child-centric as compared to symptom-centric as you discuss the social science and evolutionary development stages to child health care. You'll discuss the contact between restorative therapeutics and EpiHealing/ Reorganizational Healing approaches.

Drew Rubin, DC, DACCP

Is Humanity De-evolving?

Humanity is de-evolving! Infertility, C-sections, latching problems, colic, reflux, ear infections, Autism and ADHD are all at near epidemic proportions. Shouldn't we be evolving past all this? Dr. Rubin offers the research and practice models to explore the effects of the chiropractic adjustment on restoring neurological and physiological function.

Heidi Skye, DC

The Language of Wellness: 4 Conversations to Build a Wellness Mindset

Learn 4 conversations to create a culture of wellness in your mind, your family, your kids and your practice. This workshop delves into the language and conversations that build a trust vs. a fear-based perspective on health, healing, and wellness in our minds and bodies. You'll learn to take the chiropractic message of well-being and make it clear to parents.

Ian Shtulman, DC, DACCP

Building Bridges: Creating Interprofessional Relationships

The chasm between chiropractors and other medical professionals has kept countless patients from receiving subluxation-based chiropractic care. It's time to bridge that gap. Dr. Shtulman brings his experience establishing referral relationships with OBs, pediatricians, midwives and doulas to provide you with the strategies to build your relationships with other healthcare professionals.

Jay Warren, DC

Podcasting 101: Creating Authority and Spreading Your Message to Your Community and Beyond

With podcast listenership on the rise, are you thinking about starting your own podcast? In just 2 years, Dr. Jay Warren's podcast "Healthy Births, Happy Babies", has had episodes downloaded over 350,000 times, stimulating referrals in his office and building relationships along the way. Learn about the benefits of podcasting, and get an overview on how to launch your very own podcast.

John Edwards, DC, DACCP

Upskilling the Perinatal Chiropractor: Building on the Webster Foundation

Webster Certification is the first step to becoming a perinatal chiropractor, but it certainly isn't the last. Build on your basics to address the special populations of VBAC, pendulous abdomen, perinatal sacroiliac hypermobility and symphysis pubis dysfunction. Learn a screening protocol with measurable objective outcomes.

John Edwards, DC, DACCP and Alley Buschman

How We Failed Our Way to a Successful Pathways Connect Group

In September 2017, Dr. John Edwards and PC group leader Alley Buschman celebrated their 1000th Pathways Connect member. To get there, they've had their share of meetings with only 2 attendees, low online engagement and have wondered if they were making a dent in their community. They'll share their successes but also the stumbling blocks and hurdles to avoid, so you can build a PC group worth joining.

John Minardi, DC

Understanding Innate

In his newest presentation, Dr. Minardi discusses the major premises of chiropractic with the latest scientific research to illustrate how these premises are displayed and utilized in all circles of life. Dive into Universal Intelligence, Innate Intelligence, the interplay of Intelligence and Matter, the importance of Time, the causes of Interference and their role in disease.

Jonathan Chung, DC

The Upper Cervical Spine in Pediatric Concussions

Do you understand the physiology of concussions? This session offers a special focus on the upper cervical subluxation complex as it relates to concussions and the pediatric spine. Learn evidence-informed assessments that can help measure outcomes in patients with head injuries and review the current literature.

Karen Brody

The Rest Cleanse: Good for You, Good for Your Clients

Using the practice of yoga nidra, a sleep-based meditation technique that guides you to enter one of the deepest states of relaxation imaginable, Karen Brody offers her three-step cleanse program, Daring to Rest. Reboot your system and guide your clients to attain better health, wellbeing and purpose.

Kendra Becker-Musante, ND

Prenatal Considerations for Lifelong Immunity

The developing immune system is profoundly affected by stress, genetics and environmental factors. This workshop helps you discover areas of immune strength and weakness in an individual body and identify key points of a developing immune system in-utero and its dependency on the mother's immunity.

Linda Slak, DC, CACCP

Better Brains from the Beginning

Our primitive reflexes set the stage for natural development and simultaneously prepare the way for a complex network of neurological connections. In this session, learn about this system and how it, in turn, brings to life a vast array of abilities that encompass cognition, motor control, psychological development, learning and behavior.

Lisa Geiger, DC

"Do You See What I See?" Empower Your Local Birth Community to Understand What They're Seeing in Newborns

Interprofessional care begins with understanding. In this workshop, you'll learn how to approach interprofessional relationships with gratitude and understanding. Learn the ins and outs of presenting chiropractic cases to the birth community to give them the tools they need to understand your care and how to refer their patients to a chiropractor.

Marcia Schaefer, DC

Preconception Stats - Strengthening Our Future

Through epigenetics, we learned that genes don't cause disease. Our environment and our perceptions of our environment, however, DO create our reality and dictate how our bodies respond. Dr. Schaefer shows you why focusing on preconception health in families under your care creates healthier babies, healthier (thinking) parents and a healthier community.

Martin Rosen, DC

The Sphenobasilar and its Effects on Pediatric Development

Explore the relationship between cranial and upper cervical subluxations by addressing the function of the sphenobasilar articulation. Learn how these common subluxations have a direct impact on childhood development and growth plus the tools you need for analysis and adjustment of infants.

Mary Lucus-Flannery, DC

Communicating the Chiropractic Story to Millennials

Communication skills could make or break the opportunity to share the chiropractic message. Learn the essential elements of storytelling and discover the core stories you must tell in your practice to connect with your clients. Connect to the key values of your millennial clients and learn how to speak their language.

Matt Rushford, DC

Are We Born Broken?

Explore the science behind our amazing bodies and their ability to heal. Learn the origins, nature and fallacies of the Pathologization of the human body and deepen your understanding and skill in communicating the alternative paradigm of Trust in the innate intelligence of Life. Take home new tools for your next lecture or discussion about medicine, pregnancy, birth and more.

Pamela Jarboe, DC

Chiropractic Clinical Assessment and Care Plan for the Pediatric Patient

Become empowered to share chiropractic confidently and effectively. This workshop looks at care plans for the pediatric patient using contemporary research and examination findings as determining factors. You'll also review the validity of the scientific model along with research and society trends in healthcare and expenses.

Patrick Montgomery, DC

Applying Logan Technique in Perinatal Care

Dr. Patrick Montgomery, second generation Logan practitioner and college instructor, will demonstrate the essential protocols in examining and adjusting for pregnant women.

Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD

Intuition as Authoritative Knowledge in Midwifery and Home Birth

Take home evidence-based materials to offer your pregnant patients a more natural and less invasive birth. Dr. Robbie presents the choices mothers make in preparation for birth and her research on the advantages of intuition in birth.

Sally Dear-Healey, PhD

The Perinatal Imperative

A baby's experience of conception, pregnancy and birth has life-long impacts on individuals, their families and society. As family chiropractors, it is imperative that you understand pre- and perinatal developmental physiology and psychology to share with your clients, positively support them throughout the pregnancy and beyond and help empower them to advocate for themselves and their babies.

Sarah Hogan, DC and James Thompson, DC

The Universal Infant Exam: An Essential Tool for Transitioning into a Salutogenic Practice

Dr. James Thompson and Dr. Sarah Hogan teach, demonstrate and deliver a universal template of examining newborns and infants from the salutogenic perspective. From this template, you'll build confidence in cultivating an individualized care plan to not only help each patient maximize their functional potential, but also guide parents to comprehend the benefits of wellness care.

Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP

Neuro-Fascial Integration Strategies for Doctor and Patient Resilience

Caring for patients can take its toll on any healer, and a consistent and resourceful self-care program has become more important than ever. Join Dr. Satya Sardonicus for an interactive workshop identifying effective methods for healing and moving through our physical and emotional resistance – all with the goal of being our best, most effective professional selves.

Steve Tullius, DC

Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Chiropractic's Role, Impact and Future

What's behind the astonishing increase in neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders such as autism, ADHD, PANDAS, OCD and ODD? In this workshop, Dr. Steve Tullius shares a framework to understand these disorders, subluxation-centered chiropractic's role in helping these children and their families and how to reach this growing population.

Vivian Keeler, DC

HypnoBirthing®-A Natural, Instinctive Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing

Wondering what HypnoBirthing® is all about? In this workshop, you'll discuss the philosophy and science behind this childbirth education method that's helping women connect with their birthing instincts and birth with confidence, calm and gentleness.

William McKenna

Emotional Healing with the Brain

In this session, Bill McKenna demonstrates a cross-brain activity that stimulates healing from emotional traumas. You'll have the opportunity to learn and experience this exercise so you can offer your patients relief from the myriad of emotional stressors we all experience.