Thursday March 1, 2018
8:00am Registration Opens
Come pick up your registration packet and join us for a fantastic day of workshops to kickoff the weekend.
9:30-11:30am Morning Period - Lake Thoreau
9:30-11:30amPre-Conference Workshop for Risk-Management - Anthony Carrino, DC 
12:30-4:30pm Afternoon Period - Workshops - Various Breakout Rooms
Lake Anne
Ballroom A
Ballroom B
Ballroom C
12:30-1:25pm Is Humanity De-evolving? - Drew Rubin, DC, DACCP Preconception Stats – Strengthening Our Future - Marcia Schaefer, DC

Communicating the Chiropractic Story to Millennials - Mary Lucus-Flannery, DC

Intuition as Authoritative Knowledge in Midwifery and Home Birth - Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD

1:30-2:25pm Upskilling the Perinatal Chiropractor: Building on the Webster Foundation - John Edwards, DC, DACCP The Sphenobasilar and its Effects on Pediatric Development - Martin Rosen, DC

Posterior Tongue Tie: Fact or Fiction? - Allison Hazelbaker, PhD

Obstetric Violence - Amber Price, DNP, CNM

The Universal Infant Exam: An Essential Tool for Transitioning into a Salutogenic Practice - Sarah Hogan, DC & James Thompson, DC

The Upper Cervical Spine in Pediatric Concussions - Jonathan Chung, DC  

Prenatal Considerations for Lifelong Immunity - Kendra Becker-Musante, ND

3:30-4:25pm Building Bridges: Creating Interprofessional Relationships - Ian Shtulman, DC, CACCP Better Brains From the Beginning - Linda Slak, DC, CACCP "Do You See What I See?" - Empower Your Local Birth Community To Understand What They're Seeing in Newborns - Lisa Geiger, DC The Perinatal Imperative - Sally Dear-Healey, PhD
4:30-7:00pm Book Signing, Dinner - View Reston Town Center Dining Options »
7:00-9:30pm Evening Period - Grand Ballroom
7:00-9:30pm Jeanne Ohm, DC - Chiropractic Today for a Better World Tomorrow
  ICPA Instructors - Salutogenic Care in the Family Practice
  Peter Kevorkian, DC - Chiropractic Philosophy, Science and Art

Friday March 2, 2018
6:30-7:30am Morning Yoga with Gregg Stern, DC, DACCP - Lake Thoreau
8:30a-12:30pm Morning Period - Grand Ballroom
8:30-9:20am Ina May Gaskin, CPM - The Beauty of Normal Physiology in Pregnancy and Labor
9:20-10:10am Jay Warren, DC - Changing the World, One Birth at a Time
10:10-10:40am Break, Book Signing
10:40-11:30am Robbie Davis-Floyd, PhD - The Technocratic, Humanistic, and Holistic Paradigms of Birth and Health Care
11:30a-12:20pm Chris Lowthert, DC - Understanding Healing in Children Through the Five Biological Laws
12:20-1:50pm Book Signing, Lunch - View Reston Town Center Dining Options »
1:50-5:00pm Afternoon Period - Grand Ballroom
1:50-2:40pm Cilla Whatcott, PhD - Real Immunity: Connecting to the Source
2:40-3:30pm Barbara Loe Fisher - Your Right to Be Informed, Your Freedom to Choose
3:30-4:00pm Break, Book Signing
4:00-5:00pm John Minardi, DC - How the Adjustment Assists Brain Adaptation
5:00-7:30pm Dinner - View Reston Town Center Dining Options »
7:30-9:00pm Evening Period - Grand Ballroom
7:30-9:00pm Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. - Contract with the Future
9:00pm Book Signing

Saturday March 3, 2018
6:30-7:30am Morning Yoga with Gregg Stern, DC, DACCP - Lake Thoreau
7:00-8:30am League of Chiropractic Women Breakfast - Tavern 64
9:00-12:00pm Morning Period - Grand Ballroom
9:00-9:50am Zail Khalsa, DC - Consciousness in Chiropractic: Scientific validation of the Major Premise, Tone and the Neuro Skeletal Tension Framework
9:50-10:20am Break
10:20-11:10amBobby Doscher, DC - Restoring Life in Children with the Atlas Adjustment
11:10a-12:00pm Dean and Jen DePice, DC - What Drives You?
12:00-1:30pm Book Signing, Lunch - View Reston Town Center Dining Options »
1:30-4:40pm Afternoon Period - Grand Ballroom
1:30-2:20pm William Esteb - Disruptive Chiropractic
2:20-3:10pm William McKenna - Accessing Our True Power
3:10-3:40pm Break, Book Signing
3:40-4:40pm Donald Epstein, DC - Beyond Ordinary Health Care and Child Development
4:40-7:00pm Book Signing, Dinner - View Reston Town Center Dining Options »
7:00-8:00pm Evening Period - Grand Ballroom
7:00-8:00pmm Del Bigtree - Finding Our Freedom
8:00pm Let's Connect!

Sunday March 4, 2018
9:00-1:00pm Morning Period - Workshops - Various Breakout Rooms
Ballroom D
Ballroom A
Ballroom B
Ballroom C
Lake Anne

Podcasting 101: Creating Authority and Spreading Your Message to Your Community and Beyond - Jay Warren, DC

Chiropractors & Sustainability - The Family Wellness Practice - Dean & Jen DePice, DC Neuro-Fascial Integration Strategies for Doctor and Patient Resilience - Satya Sardonicus, DC, CACCP Real Immunity and Homeoprophylaxis - Cilla Whatcott, PhD The Next Step in "Real" Health Care and Child Development - Donald Epstein, DC
10:00-10:55am The Language of Wellness: 4 Conversations to Build a Wellness Mindset - Heidi Skye, DC

Effective Health Care Informed Consent Advocacy - Andrea Marconi, DC, CACCP and Theresa Wrangham

Applying Logan Technique in Perinatal Care - Patrick Montgomery, DC HypnoBirthing®-A Natural, Instinctive Approach to Safer, Easier, More Comfortable Birthing- Vivian, Keeler, DC  
11:00-11:55am How We Failed our Way to a Successful Pathways Connect Group - John Edwards, DC, DACCP & Alley Buschman

Chiropractic Clinical Assessment and Care Plan for the Pediatric Patient - Pam Jarboe, DC

Are We Born Broken? - Matt Rushford, DC

An Easier Birth: Pelvic Dynamics and Fetal Positioning in Late Pregnancy and Labor - Brittany Sharpe McCollum

Emotional Healing with the Brain - William McKenna

Understanding Innate - John Minardi, DC

  Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Chiropractic's Role, Impact and Future - Steve Tullius, DC The Rest Cleanse: Good For You, Good For Your Clients - Karen Brody